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Pastor Larry Strandberg

02 JUSTIFIED: AS PLANNED Galatians 3:1-24
03 JUSTIFIED: BUT WAIT… Galatians 3:25-4:7

Pastor Larry Strandberg

01 The Gospel of Grace: The Sinless Rescues The Sinful Gal. 1:1-10
02 The Gospel of Grace: Grace Changes Everything Gal. 1:11-24
03 The Gospel of Grace: Grace Thieves Galatians 2:1-14

Pastor Larry Strandberg

01 Impending Danger Exodus 14
02 Bad Made Good Exodus 15:22-27
03 Where God’s Glory is Revealed Exodus 16
04 Where the Physical Reveals the Spiritual Exodus 17:1-7
05 Waging Holy War Exodus 17:8-16
06 The Wilderness: YHWH Delivers Exodus 18:1-12

Pastor Larry Strandberg

01 Christmess: What a Beautiful Mess
02 Christmess: The privilege of Serving in the Mess
03 Christmess: Messy, Dirty, Stinky Shepherds

Pastor Larry Strandberg
Pastor Larry Strandberg

“Bowing Before His Throne: Life Changing”
“Bowing Before His Throne: Eternal Gratitude”
“Bowing Before His Throne: Divine Judgement”

Pastor Larry A. Strandberg

“Blind Spots The Faithful Witness”
“Blind Spots The Judge”
“Blind Spots First Ephesus”
“Blind Spots Poor Smyrna”
“Blind Spots I know where you live”
“Blind Spots Separate Lives”
“Blind Spots Wake up”
“Blind Spots Control”
“Blind Spots Vomit”

Pastor Larry Strandberg

 “Greater Things: Greater Hope”
 “Greater Things: Greater Contribution” 
 “Greater Things: Greater God” 




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